What do I need to do to get rid of my vehicle and out from under this debt?

If you have discovered that you own a scrap vehicle that you simply have no need for then call Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars. It’s as simple as that. We will provide you with cash for your junk car. We offer up to $2000 for junk cars and will tow it within a few hours of you contacting us. Get rid of your old scrap car with our free and easy junk car removal service.

Once you know that you want to get rid of your junk car you are going to want to contact us for our junk car removal services. You can also use the contact form on our site if you don’t feel like calling us. Don’t sit on an old scrap car and get it removed for cash today.

Once you call us we will have a tow truck within a few hours to remove your junk car. Make sure that that you still have the keys, your ID, and a bill of sale when the tow truck driver comes to pick up your junk car. We will then tow your vehicle to our scrap yard and give you cash on the spot for your junk car.

What is Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars?

At Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars our mission is to provide fast, free, no-hassle removal of unwanted vehicles from every driveway, garage, back yards and front lawn in Edmonton and area.

Our name may seem funny but we take our job seriously. In fact, for over 4 years we’ve been recognized as the premier unwanted vehicle removal company in Edmonton. Nobody does a better job of hauling away old, worn-out and unwanted vehicles than we do.

Seven days a week there’s someone here ready to start the vehicle removal process. Simply provide the details and our Vehicle Removal Specialists take it from there while you sit back and relax. You won’t wait long, most unwanted vehicles are removed within 2 hours, some even within the hour when you contact Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars.

So what’s the cost for all this high-quality service?

Zero. At Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars, we offer prompt, professional service at no charge whatsoever and will give you cash for your junk car.

We encourage you to contact us if that unwanted vehicle you have is beyond hope, is missing wheels or even if you need to get rid of a car, truck, or motorcycle. Our combined experience along with our extensive network of towing companies should be able to get to that vehicle no matter where it is and no matter what its current condition.

Do you have a car that you no longer need or want?

We know that purchases are based on emotion, so it makes sense that sometimes people will buy vehicles based on their feelings about a certain type of car or a new car versus an older car, rather than by logic and what one could and one could not afford. Sometimes people lose their jobs, and can no longer make the car payment. They once could afford, but now they cannot. This situation can happen for a number of different reasons, but when you have a vehicle you cannot afford, you have to get out of it, and here’s how to do it.

How do I know if I can afford the vehicle that I have now?

Some people are in denial about their vehicles. They buy new cars because they think they need something reliable, but in reality, they’re making ridiculous car payments upwards of $500 when their income just cannot support that. Dave Ramsey offers a great rule of thumb that everyone should follow. If your vehicles are worth more than half of your annual income, your cars are too expensive.

If you’re 1% or 2% over, it’s no big deal, but there are people that have $30,000 worth of cars and make that same amount each year, and that’s ridiculous! Cars are a liability, they go down in value. New cars are the worst offenders; they can easily decrease in price by 20% each year for the first few years. This depends on the make and model, but vehicles generally take the largest beating in value when they are new. This is why I recommend that one should never buy a vehicle that’s newer than two-years-old.

How to recycle your junk car in Edmonton

When you are unable to use your car for transportation it is time for you to recycle your car in Edmonton. The main question that arises here is how to recycle your junk car in Edmonton. Most of the car parts that are not being used can still be recycled in Edmonton for further use. They can be reduced, turned into scrap metal and sold to produce recycled steel. Research studies have proved that recycling metals in Edmonton require less energy than producing new metal. On the other hand, if old cars are not disposed of properly in Edmonton they contain contaminants such as anti-freeze oil and gasoline which can seep into the environment and harm it.

Some of the best ways to dispose of your junk car in Edmonton is to search for companies in Edmonton that provide cash for junk cars in Edmonton. Call them and find out how much they are willing to pay you and get the best deal possible through cash for your junk car in Edmonton. Search online for terms such as “recycle cars in Edmonton”, or “cash for junk cars Edmonton” and you will be given a lot of options for instance www.edmontoncashforjunkcars.com. Call them and negotiate the best price for your junk car in Edmonton and turn your junk into treasure.

Calling a local junkyard or scrap metal company is a good option to recycle junk cars in Edmonton. Call various companies and find out if they are willing to accept your junk car in Edmonton and for how much. Find out about their recycling methods and then make a conscious decision that will not only be beneficial to you but also the environment.

Donating your junk car to a charity in Edmonton is also another way of disposing your junk car in Edmonton and making the most of it. Some organizations accept junk cars so they can go on to sell them and use the proceeds towards the organization’s funds. Find out if the charity provides a tax deduction for the junk car in Edmonton. No matter what you decide, do not let your old car go to waste. Use it to recycle your junk car in Edmonton and turn your junk into treasure.

What happens to junk cars in Edmonton

People wonder what happens to junk cars in Edmonton. Every shiny new car in Edmonton gets old at one time and then ends up in junk yards in Edmonton. The only value it has at that point is the value of the metal that can be recycled to keep our environment safe and green and also the value of parts that can be sold to re-use.

Once the car is sold for cash to scrap yards in Edmonton (called Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars), that old car ends up in the line for crusher, a massive machine that is used to compress an old junk car into a tiny cube or flattened slab of metal to reuse somewhere else. This old junk car in Edmonton is basically crushed to turn into a brick of steel that can be recycled.

The whole process of Edmonton junk car removal starts with removing all the important and reusable parts of the old car. Then that car is crushed through the big piece of machinery called car crusher in a junkyard in Edmonton. Compressing junk cars in Edmonton takes up less space when stored or when it is being transported via train or truck to a recycling facility in Canada. This whole process of junk cars in Edmonton is not much but it does get its owner in Edmonton cash for junk cars.

Car Crushing for junk cars in Edmonton

All your old cars in Edmonton become junk cars at one point and leads to a car crushing for junk cars in Edmonton. These junk cars can be sold for some cash in Edmonton. The question that arises here is what happens to those junk cars in Edmonton. These junk cars get crushed and all the metal gets recycled.

It all begins with a crusher. There are two types of car crushers. There are stationary and portable crushers available in Edmonton. Portable crushers, like the name suggests, can be moved around from place to place and are set on a semi-truck. In either case, the car crusher compresses the metal which helps the metal to be stored in minimum space in Edmonton. The portable crushing machine comprises an engine, a bed, and a crushing plate. Junk cars in Edmonton are placed on the crushing bed and aligned in such a way that any force applied is even. It is the crushing plate that does most of the work in crushing the junk car in Edmonton. The crushing machine uses its hydraulic system to apply about 150 tons of force to turn the junk car into a cube of steel. The hydraulic system used has hydraulic fluid which pumps in the cylinder and generates the power to crush steel.

One important thing to note is that before any junk car is crushed in Edmonton, all the important parts such as battery, transmission and few other re-usable things are taken out of the junk car to be resold later. Other items which cannot be re used are thrown away or recycled. Some junk car removal services in Edmonton use magnets to separate ferrous metals from the non-ferrous metals in order to make the recycling of junk cars in Edmonton easier.

Sell Junk Car

Selling your old Junk Car has never been easier. Just one quick call to Edmonton Cash for Junk Cars and our experts will be over right away, in most instances the same day to pick up your old clunker. We provide 100% free towing service for your old car and in most cases, we even pay you CASH for you clunker based on its condition. Why wait any longer? Get rid of that Junk Car taking up space in your garage, driveway or the street and best of all, get paid to do so. Go sell your junk car today!

Cash for Junk Cars

Edmonton Cash for Junk Cars is a top scrap car and junk car removal company. We are the experts in the entire scrap car removal process – from removal, extraction, and disposal. There is no scrap auto we cannot get rid of, including:

• difficult to extract junk vehicles
• scrap cars with flat tires
• clunkers with missing keys
• cars with no title

We observe the strictest environmental regulations through the entire scrap car cycle, including hazardous fluid collection, battery and tire recycling.  You are guaranteed the best price for your unwanted vehicle because we don’t rely on outside services to collect your junk car or to dispose of it.

Junk and scrap cars, depending on condition can get you a cash payment. We never give you a quotation, then meet with you and lowball our pricing.  Furthermore, your car gets picked up on the same day.

What if you are just outside these boundaries?

Call us anyways, as we may have a particular need for your vehicle, able to make arrangements at a mutually agreed location, or make alternative arrangements with you. Let us give you cash for junk cars!

Recycle Junk Car

Recycling junk cars in Edmonton is an important issue. When vehicles cannot be used any longer, it is highly beneficial to sell them to junkyards in Edmonton. These junk cars can be reduced, transformed into scrap metal and used as recycled steel. This recycled steel required around 75percent less energy than producing new metal and so is highly beneficial to our system.

However, old cars need to be disposed of properly and need to be managed in the correct way as they contain contaminants like anti-freeze, oil, and gas which can seep into our environment and make it harmful. The best way to dispose of a junk car in Edmonton in a safe and environmentally sound way is to call the best junk car removal company in Edmonton. We at Edmonton Cash for junk car know how to recycle Junk car by following guidelines and standards for junk car recycling. Proper disposal of junk car for cash is highly important as all junk cars have liquid waste which is harmful to the environment.
You can search for Edmonton cash for junk cars and find out that we are a professional business providing Edmonton cash for junk cars. When you are looking for “Cash for junk cars” or “recycle car” or “junk car removal services” and you will find us as the best option for junk car removal services in Edmonton.

Making the right junk car removal service choice will go a long way towards sustaining our environment for ourselves and our future generations. Calling a responsible company like Edmonton Cash for junk cars is your best option.

Junk Car Removal Edmonton

At Edmonton Cash for Junk Cars, we don’t just come to remove your junk car. We pay you CASH for your car.  Based on the condition of your car, you could be paid up to $500 for your clunker.  Don’t be scammed by other small-time junk car removal companies.  Deal directly with the guys that actually crush the car.  Because we own our own truck, our own yard, and crushing facility, we are able to offer you the best price for your junk car.